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Touch Red Instructions

Use your mouse to draw a path and guide the smiley path so it touches the red square, the goal. Use the C key to clear the screen at any time, the spacebar to start the level, and the left and right arrow keys to change the direction of gravity.

Touch Red Walkthrough

Touch Red is a simple drawing game where you have to get a smiley face to touch a red square - or, it seems simple, at least. The first level is easy enough - just draw a path to the red square; but the second level will require you to mess with the gravity of the game.

If you've drawn a path but the smiley face needs more momentum, use the left and right arrow keys to change the gravity of the level. Instead of having the smiley face being pulled down, like it normally would, you can slowly change the gravity so the smiley face will fall upwards, closer to the red goal you'll find in level 2.

But it's not just the second level. Other levels will make the gravity aspect of the game, not just the drawing aspect, very important - so remember that it's always available. Since the whole screen has a boundary, there's no way to die in Touch Red - your smiley face will just keep bouncing on the edge of the screen. However, you will receive bonus points if you complete a level fast enough, so that should be motivation enough to hurry up while you're playing.

Besides completing levels, Touch Red also offers achievements that you can unlock for bragging rights. There are fifteen of them, and they range from doing simple actions like clearing the screen with the C key during gameplay, or more complex ones like making the smiley face bounce two-hundred times. Overall, Touch Red is a solid drawing game that's fun to waste time with - until you get to later levels, which will frustrate you to no end. Until then, have fun!