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Sugar, Sugar Instructions

Just like in most physics based drawing games, you need to use your mouse a lot in Sugar, Sugar. You need to draw ramps... ramps that will be used to direct a certain amount of sugar into the labeled cups. Sounds easy? It sure does... until you actually play the game. Let's take a closer look...

Sugar, Sugar Walkthrough

Sugar - it can be called many different names. We have sucrose, lactose, dextrose, fructose, glucose, and what have you. BUT the bottom line, this thing is sweet. It's sugar. I don't know what's with it, BUT without a doubt, something tickled the mind of Bart Bonte, the creator of Sugar, Sugar. Perhaps the idea came to him after seeing a stream of this white sand like substance pour into his cup of coffee? Maybe. In any case, you have an excellent physics based drawing game right before you. The objective is to direct those tiny and delicious crystals into different labeled mugs and cups. And yes, this can be played even if you are diabetic!

On every level of Sugar, Sugar, a cascade of sugar will pour... coming from the spout of the title's comma. There are many platforms at your disposal. You can use steep ramps which will make it go down faster. Using a shallower version of this ramps will make it pool. There are mugs and cups that need specifically colored sugar. And this requires that you direct it through a colored filter. BUT worry not, there is no penalty for putting the wrong color in the wrong cup. As for other labeled cups, you are required to hit a button to reverse the gravity. On the other hand, there are levels where there is a gap at the bottom. When sugar drops between those gaps, it will appear at the top once again and the cycle goes on and on.

Challenging? HELL YEAH! And if you make a mistake and things don't go as planned, worry not. There is the reset button in case you have misplaced your ramp. Coming at you with 30 different levels as well as a free play mode that you can unlock, this is one of the sweetest drawing games and web toys you could lay your hands on.

Oh! One more reminder - patience is a virtue... and that's especially true in Sugar, Sugar. This is a game of patience so don't expect to coast through the levels and get the job done fast. The pace is slow... almost meditative if you will. It reminds me a lot of the Powder Game installments with objectives. If you try to speed and coast through the levels, if you are someone who derives joy in fast paced shooting games, you will find Sugar, Sugar a boring and dull. HOWEVER, if you find enjoyment in careful planning, contemplating your actions, etc., this is going to be a nice treat. Not to mention the music perfectly blends with the game's pace.

While it isn't perfect, while an option to speed up the flow won't hurt the game's reputation, this is a game worth playing no matter how you look at it. True, an untimely swerve of your mouse could force you to hit the restart button, the uniqueness of Sugar, Sugar more than makes up for it. It may not be for everyone, BUT then again, there are only a handful of games that cater to everyone no matter what the age or preference is. While Sugar, Sugar doesn't fall in that category, I'm sure there are gamers out there who will fall in love with this game.

Give the game a shot and see what I am talking about.