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Straw Hat Samurai 2 Instructions

The controls of Straw Hat Samurai 2 - well, it\'s very much the same with other online drawing games. Use your mouse and the left click button to slash and move your character towards your enemy and closer for the kill. Nothing fancy or complicated as far as controls go. BUT when it comes to doses of slicing and bloody fun, Straw Hat Samurai 2 has a lot to offer!

Straw Hat Samurai 2 Walkthrough

If you loved Straw Hat Samurai, then you will go nuts with the sequel! The Samurai Jack look alike is back - beefed up with new moves, air combos, new enemies, new bosses...well, let\'s put it this way, this is a notch or two ahead of its elder brother.

This drawing game showcases new enemies: you will find lolloping armored shoguns that take more than 2 slashes to be taken out and too heavy to be launched in the air. On the other hand, there are Flying Jet Packed Swordsmen where your mastery of executing air combos matter the most. Not challenging enough? Well, what about laser wielding level bosses? That would surely keep you on your toes! By the way, speaking of bosses, there are 4 of them. And they are crazy!

The mechanics of the game is pretty simple: draw a line using your mouse and the left click button to slash. HOWEVER, time is everything. Time your slashes to cause the maximum amount of damage. Want to perform air combos? Then slash your enemies from below...once they are in mid air, go ahead and do your thing. And for those fallen enemies who are still thinking about getting up, put them out of their misery by slashing down and stabbing them multiple times.

Bloddy indeed! If you want to score as high as you can, keep your combos as high as possible. The highest I got so far is 35 hits. Not bad for a first timer. BUT I think I can do better.

Well, different moves and combos deal different amounts of damage. HOWEVER, when it comes to satisfaction, a clean beheading is unbeatable. Everything pauses as your enemy\'s head falls to ground. By the way, slashing blindly isn\'t the way to go about it. Finish them in fine style like a real samurai would! Learn your opponents\' movements - find their weak spots, and when you do, strike!

Boss Tips: I have heard a lot of players having trouble with the first two bosses. Here are some tips that will help you finish them in record time. As for the first boss, slicing him should get the job done. I recommend saving up your Shunpo Mode (that\'s the blue meter by the way) and unleashing it on him.

As for the second boss, the key is to take down the flying swordsmen first and bowmen. There\'s just to many of them. Battling with the second boss right away with his body guards around is suicidal. When all of their health is down, you can easily knock them out. Once that is taken care of, demolishing the second boss should be a piece of cake.

Well, enough talk! It\'s about time you experience the fun brought by one of the MOST action packed drawing games out there. Slashing time!