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Straw Hat Samurai Instructions

Straw Hat Samurai - an action packed drawing game where you only need to make sure your mouse and especially the left click button is working to keep the fun rolling in. Use your mouse to draw lines and slash down enemies and that\'s it! Onto the game...

Straw Hat Samurai Walkthrough

Drawing games have been mostly associated with physics and puzzle solving. They are fun BUT They are NOT as action packed. Well, not this drawing game - Straw Hat Samurai is a fun game of drawing lines where you need to slash your way through enemies and take down the evil lord.

In this drawing game, you need to use your trusted katana and bow to take down enemies, towers, and ultimately accomplish your mission. The game depends largely on how fast you are with your mouse (and sometimes I accidentally click ads outside of the screen!). HOWEVER, there are a couple of general tips that would help you play this game more efficiently and score higher.

Trick number one is to keep your lines and slashes as precise as possible. I would first try to see as many as possible before slashing out.

Also, try to stay as close as you can to the middle of the screen. Well, do this except when you are dodging arrows when staying in the middle is sort of suicide. You should wait for the meelee enemies to charge forward. See how many they are and how far apart. That should give you an idea of how long and when you should strike. By the way, once you slash to one side of the screen slash back to he center. You move by drawing slashes.

Archers? NO PROBLEM! Here\'s what you have to do: see where the arrows are coming from. Once you have determined which side of the screen they are at, strike. Take all of the archers out first. Once they are taken care of, get back in the middle and slice through the mobs. This should be a piece of cake now with the archers out of the way.

Towers: no, don\'t even think about running and slashing up there. Use your bows! Use the arrow by holding shift and use the mouse to aim. Aiming doesn\'t have to be 100 percent precise. Just aim in the general direction where the enemies are at. When dealing with towers, multi tasking - combining slashes with shooting, is the name of the game. It all boils down to how well you can see your enemies and how quick you are with your mouse. Unlike other drawing games, fast reflexes are your keys for survival.

Oh! One more thing: the power ups taken from treasure chests, how do you make the most out of them? Well, my suggestion is to stack everything on one of them - either +10 HP or +10 percent chance of evasion, rather than balancing it out. If you want to be on the safe side, HP increase is the way to go. BUT for long term, I\'m tipping my hats off to the evasion stats. Once you have maxed that out, then go for the HP increase.

I think that\'s about everything. Well, what are you waiting for? Play the one of the MOST action packed drawing games you can lay your hands on!