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SpaceTrace Instructions

Use your mouse to trace and draw in space - try to outline the shape of what you see. You'll have to guess what the picture is in each level, and to help you out are small bouncing moons with letters on them. The word you'll have to type in will have these letters in it, so keep them in mind when you're trying to guess. Click on the clear button to get rid of what you've drawn, or click on the erase button to get rid of certain lines.

SpaceTrace Walkthrough

SpaceTrace is a flash game where you'll have to guess, outline, and try to spell what you see in space. While it may seem almost impossible at first, if you do what the game tells you, you just might be able to make it to some of the really hard levels.

For starters, there are 50 levels in SpaceTrace. Each level will have a shape that you need to figure out, so once you see it, type in your guess at the bottom of the screen. For every wrong guess you make, you'll lose points, so you don't really want to make a guess - you want to be sure. The faster you complete each level, the higher your score will be, so it's important to actually do what the game tells you and trace - not just guess at the letters in front of you.

If you're having trouble seeing the outline in any level, just watch where the moons go. They'll only be able to bounce around inside of the outline, and certain parts of the outline will shimmer, so it's important to start tracing them as soon as you see them. While it's hard to notice an outline at first, combining the letters you see in front of you with a completed outline will make the answer obvious, so complete your drawing before making a guess.

But if you're still having trouble after that, you can click on the clue button - although it will cost you - and take away from your overall score. It does take away more points than making an incorrect guess does, so only click on the clue button if you're really stuck.

SpaceTrace is a fun drawing game and a good distraction; if you like spelling, guessing, tracing, and tons of levels (up to 50 of them), you'll love it. If you keep playing the game, you'll probably get towards the later levels anyways, since the game won't let you replay earlier levels - so keep on guessing, and good luck on level 50.