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If I could only like one thing about drawing games, that would be the control scheme - usually, you only need to make sure your mouse - especially the left click button, and you are good to go. In Solipskier, just use your mouse\'s left button to draw slopes, ramps, etc., and you are all set to have fun!

Solipskier Walkthrough

Solipskier - this is a game where no 2 races are the same! You are the one who draws them after all. If you are looking for fast paced drawing games, this one from developers Mikengreg and Intuition Games is a MUST-try. Using your mouse, you need to paint your own slopes, slalom through gates, and keep your skier airborne to perform jaw dropping aerobactics!

At first, there is nothing. Your skier is just standing there waiting for you do something. When you start to click the mouse and draw the landscape, HOWEVER, the fun starts!The skier, right away, starts to traverse that path you have drawn.

Click and move your mouse to continue drawing. Straight paths, steep climbs, sharp declines, little ramps for jumping, and everything else in between - draw a combination of these to keep your skier on the roll. Want to add MORE points to your score? NO PROBLEM! Keep your skier airborne and stop clicking for a while. Watch him do stunts in mid air while keeping those points coming in.

Gates and tunnels - you need to guide your skier through these and doing so will increase your score. Now, there are a couple of obstacles that will make your skier crash. BUT worry not, thanks to the handy distance counters that are on the right side of the screen, you can easily tell of there are gates, obstacles, and other features that are up ahead.

In Solipskier, your imagination is the only limit. No walkthroughs - this game insists on trial and error, which is FUN! Now, don\'t be disappointed if on the first few turns, your skier crashes and burns...and worse, you don\'t know what on earth is going on. That\'s natural for a newbie. If only my skier could sue me for making him crash, I believe he would. That\'s how much I suck at the first tries on Solipskier.

But with the fast pace, speed blur animation, coupled with the head banging soundtrack (a far cry from soundtracks that make me want to switch the sounds off), you will surely get pumped up to give it another try! After a couple of round, you will realize how you can create jumps and keep your skier going at a constant speed. Even better, you will learn how to avoid obstacles. Did I mention this game is about having fun as well as trial and error?

In no time, you will know the ins and outs, the tricks, and tips to get the highest score. BUT let me tell you: even after you know every trick in the book, this is one of those drawing games that you will still go back to thanks to the its fast paced and zippy nature.

If you are looking for drawing games that have no complicated control schemes, simple enough game play, BUT exciting enough to keep you going for hours, then you should try Solipskier. You will surely retry after crashing without skipping a beat!