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SketchAMatch Instructions

Try and make an exact replica of the picture each level gives you in SketchAMatch - use your mouse to draw lines, but make sure you hurry - you have a limited amount of ink and time on each level.

SketchAMatch Walkthrough

There are drawing games where you'll have to draw a path for a character to follow, or maybe draw a line to repel some kind of an attack, but there are also drawing games like SketchAMatch - where you'll only have to draw.

In SketchAMatch, you'll be presented with a picture on each level, and it's up to you to copy that picture as best as you can, as quickly as you can. If you make an exact replica of the sketch, you'll get a higher score, but if you mess up on the fine details and overall shape of the sketch, the game will tell you that you need more practice. So if you want to get a high score, you'll need a steady hand and a fair amount of patience with SketchAMatch.

While the game only has a few different levels, each will consist of one picture. You're given limited amount of ink, so only draw on the outlines and never fill anything in. You'll also be working against the clock, as said before, so even though you should be taking your time to make an exact copy, you also have to hurry up. To get a really good score, it's almost necessary to have a mouse, so if you're playing with a laptop, good luck, because you'll need it.

After you've finished drawing on each level, hit the OK button, and the game will proceed to match up your drawing with the original picture. You'll then see how good of a job you did, and after you've finished all three levels, the game will give you a grand total of how you did.

When in a hurry, make sure you get every fine detail you see, but since the drawing tool you're using can be thicker than some of the lines you'll come across; make sure you don't overdo it. All in all, SketchAMatch is an entertaining game if you like drawing in general, and if you like drawing games where you have to hurry up, you should try SketchAMatch.