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Sketch2 Instructions

Use your mouse to draw, switch between brush sizes, and select colors to draw replica sketches of original pictures in this drawing game.

Sketch2 Walkthrough

Sequel to the original Sketch, Sketch2 takes the concept of the first game and makes it much more complex. Instead of just tracing the outline of a shape, you'll be completely drawing pictures in this game.

And though it may seem difficult at first, Sketch2 is easy to pick up. There are 24 different levels to choose from, and they do get harder in difficulty, but if you can complete one level, you can complete most of the levels in Sketch2. As said before, you'll be drawing complete pictures in this game, including coloring them in, so it takes quite a bit more time and patience to play Sketch2, but it's a lot more satisfying.

The levels available vary greatly in content - you'll be able to draw flags, smiley faces robots, and just about everything else. As the levels go on, the amount of time the game gives you is decreased. For example, each time a level starts, you're given ample time to start drawing what's presented. After a while, the original picture disappears, and you'll have to start sketching from memory. The later levels in Sketch2 are unforgiving in this aspect, so make sure you start out from the beginning if you haven't played before.

It's a good idea to sketch the outline of the picture given to you, rather than drawing the whole thing at once. Since you're given different sized brushes this time, take your time when coloring-in large portions of every sketch - because the big brush is really big. Once you've finished your masterpiece, as the game calls it, hit the ready button and you'll get your grade. Your percentage is based on how close your sketch is when compared with the original, so matching every color, angle, and shape is crucial if you want to do well.

If you liked the first Sketch, you'll love this sequel - it's got more pictures, you can actually fill them in with color in this one, and you can spend a lot more time playing this one, too. Overall, this drawing game is a bit difficult, but well worth playing.