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Sketch A Match 2 Instructions

Use your mouse to make an exact replica of the sketch on each level. Every little detail counts, so try to copy as much of the original as best you can.

Sketch A Match 2 Walkthrough

In this sequel to the game SketchAMatch, you'll be given an additional level and a whole lot more sketches to copy - use your skill and patience to get a high score, but keep an eye on your ink levels and the time - they're both limited, so you'll have to draw and sketch quickly, but efficiently.

In this version of the game, the sequel, you'll be able to draw a larger variety of pictures and sketches. Some of which include a tree, a birthday cake, or even an island. Every sketch will have its own easy and difficult points, but if there's one thing to look out for, it's the fine details of every sketch. Make sure to go out of your way and try and get every detail drawn, otherwise you're going to lose points. It might be a better idea to do a bad drawing of something rather than just not drawing at all, so take your time with each sketch.

But you can't take too much time - Sketch a Match 2 has a time limit for every level, and the quicker you finish drawing a sketch, the higher your score will be. So there's a reason to take your time on some sketches, but it's also a good idea to hurry up on others. You also have a limited amount of ink in Sketch A Match 2, like many other drawing games, so don't bother going over lines more than once - it can only hurt your chances. If you run out of ink or time, the level will immediately end and your sketch will be graded.

You'll receive a rating of your sketch based on accuracy and the amount of time you took, so a good mix of both will bring you a better score. As far as sequels go, there aren't many new features in Sketch A Match 2, but the variety of levels and sketches you'll have to choose from is a big plus - you'll be playing a completely different type of game with each different game, so if you're looking for a drawing game that's always a challenge, Sketch A Match 2 is it.