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Sketch Instructions

Use your mouse to place pins over the picture given to you - after the picture disappears, trace it as best you can with the left mouse button. Certain levels will give you more pins than others, but as long as you have a decent resemblance of the original picture, you'll move on the next level. The higher the quality of the duplicate, the higher your score will be, so take your time in each level.

Sketch Walkthrough

Sketch is a simple drawing game where you'll copy a picture the game gives you. There are three different categories to choose from - Abstract, where you'll draw various shapes, Smiles, where you'll be drawing different kinds of smiley faces (they won't always be smiling), and letters, where, as you guessed, you'll be tracing the alphabet. Each category has its own drawbacks, so start with letters if you're not particularly good at drawing games.

At the beginning of the level, the game will give you a certain amount of pins. Stick these pins on points of the picture given to you, and once you've placed all of them, the original picture will disappear and it's time to start drawing. Some pictures are a lot easier to sketch than others, for instance, a square won't provide much of a challenge. But some of the smiley faces you'll have to sketch are very difficult to recreate - only because there's a lot of different points - and you aren't given very many pins.

Overall, there's a lot to sketch in this drawing game, so try out everything the game throws at you. If you don't like drawing games, you'll like playing them after this one - or maybe you won't, depending on your memory and steady hand. Remember - there is no time limit in Sketch, so you can take as much time as you need on each level - the game favors accuracy more than anything else at all, so keep that in mind while sketching.