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Scribble Instructions

Scribble is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag in order to draw. Move your mouse cursor to the edge of the screen to pan the game's camera.

Scribble Walkthrough

Scribble is a colorful and artistic drawing game. This puzzle game features a variety of challenges and hazards, cute graphics and sound effects, and amazing animation.

The objective of Scribble is guide a certain number of adorable but dimwitted ink creatures known as Blots to flags in each level. The number of Blots that you must guide to each flag is imposed over each flag. Once you have successfully reached your goal, you may end the level by clicking the end button at the top of the game's interface, or you may attempt to guide more Blots to safety for additional points.

In order to get your Blots to safety in Scribble, you will have to employ your drawing talent to draw ramps, bridges, walls, and other things to help them along their merry way. Blots will continue walking forward until they run into a wall, but they will walk over your ink as if it were a real surface. Draw bridges over spikes and other hazards to keep your Blots from falling, and draw ramps to help them reach higher ground. Be careful though, because you have a limited amount of ink in this drawing game! The amount of ink that you have remaining is displayed in a bar at the top of the game's interface. After about ten seconds, your drawings will disappear and the ink used will be replenished in your supply. Disappearing ink may put your Blots in harm's way though, so be careful.

Not only will your drawing effect Blots in Scribble, but you may also effect enemies! If you want to prevent an enemy from reaching your Blots, you may draw a wall to block them or guide them away from your Blots. Different enemies respond to your lines in different ways, so be sure to experiment in this drawing game!

In order to succeed in Scribble, it is a good idea to corral your Blots together if some of them stray too far ahead. In order to do this, draw walls around them until they have come together in a pack. Another tip that may help you in this drawing game is to .draw your lines as short as possible in order to conserve ink; you never know when you will need just a little bit more ink to draw a wall! Finally, I found that this drawing game is easier to play with a drawing tablet. You can play with a mouse, but if you have a tablet available, it may give you finer control.

Scribble is a very challenging drawing game that will test your mind, drawing skills, and in some cases, your patience! Not to worry, as Scribble will save your progress, allowing you to continue your game later if you need to take a break from the action. The Blots need your guidance! What are you waiting for? Play Scribble today!