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Scriball Instructions

Click with the left-mouse button to make your ball jump, repeatedly, if necessary and drag your cursor on the screen to guide it to the green goal.

Scriball Walkthrough

Scriball is an interesting take on the drawing game genre. In it you simply have to guide your yellow ball into the green goal. While the green goal may seem tiny at first, it does expand if you get near it, so don't wear about being too exact - even though the game will take some surgical skill.

Starting out, there are a few different modes to choose from, but you'll have to unlock them by completing the easiest mode first. There are a bunch of levels to complete before you start replaying in a different mode, so Scriball will keep you quite busy if you enjoy playing it.

The object of each level is to use the line attached to your cursor to guide your ball to the goal, as said before. But it's not so easy - with every little twitch and jerk your make with your mouse will interrupt the path you're making, and that's where the difficult of the game sets in - each level is loaded with bombs that will destroy your ball on contact, and each twitch of your mouse can start a chain reaction. You don't have a set amount of lives though - easing the difficulty of Scriball considerably.

As the levels go on, you'll have less room to work with, so it's important to be as precise as possible at every turn. If you find yourself stuck or immobile, try clicking the left-mouse button - it makes your ball jump, and if you click really fast, it gives an anti-gravity effect to your ball. Overall, Scriball is a challenging game that isn't over once you've initially beat it; a drawing game that keeps getting more and more addicting.