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Saucer Panic Instructions

Use your left mouse button to draw a path between landing pads and alien saucers - make sure that you take care not to crash two ships together; once you've drawn a correct path, the selected saucer will turn white. Be sure to activate free items like Rewind and Phase Shift in the in-game store.

Saucer Panic Walkthrough

Saucer Panic is game that starts out easy enough, but quickly escalates into a panic-driven drawing game. The basic premise is that you have one landing pad on the planet in the middle of the screen, and an alien saucer that needs to land on it. To help direct the alien saucer, you only have to draw a path with your mouse that connects one to the other. If you draw a path that works, the selected alien saucer will turn white and you won't have to worry about it anymore.

However, in later levels, you'll have to worry about things like stray objects, colliding saucers, and fast-moving comets. They're introduced in moderation, so you won't have to deal with them all at once, but the game does progress quickly.

When two alien saucers get near each other, or have paths that cross, they'll start beeping to let you know that you need to redraw their paths. If you redraw the path of one saucer, then everything should work out -but if you don't, they'll collide, and you'll lose. The object of the game is to prevent this from happening as much as possible - and you'll get more than just one landing pad, so it's easier, but it's always difficult if you have more than one alien saucer trying to land on the same pad all at once.

If collision is imminent, try drawing a path that leads a saucer away from the planet. Not only will this save you from losing, it will save you time. Once there's no obstruction, redraw the path - maybe even in a straight line to save some time - and earn points like you normally would.

Saucer Panic is a fun drawing game if you like trying to control mayhem and chaos. There's a ton of in-game items to try out, too, so there's always something new to try out when playing this game - so what are you waiting for?