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Just like most drawing games out there, you only need to have a working mouse (especially the left click button) as well as a steady hand to play Roller Coaster Creator. I think it's much more important to know what it is that you have at your disposal to play this game well along with experience and judgment. Let's take a look...

Rollercoaster Creator Walkthrough

Pencil Racer series, Line Rider, Free Rider - we love these physics-based drawing games, don't we? Thanks to these drawing games, we get to experience what it's like to be a game developer (in some extent), create your own levels or stages, plant power ups and traps here and there, and those are just to name a few. Needless to say, though, some games are much more intense than your average drawing games.

You can easily spend hours in an effort to create that perfect track - filled with all of the important elements you could think of. I don't know about you BUT I'm cool with that. I love being challenged and posing challenges as well, which is exactly what you do with the physics-based drawing games mentioned above. HOWEVER, for those who want to tone down the intensity a little bit and maybe have some dose of relaxing fun, Roller Coaster Creator is yours for the taking.

The name says it all. The idea is a little identical to most drawing games I talked about - you need to create a track for your roller coaster. But there are some twists that pose a different type of challenge. Instead of creating a level or stage from scratch, you need to connect the 2 ends of the roller coaster. BUT not only that. It has to be connected in a way that the roller coaster would pass through and get the coins.

Of course, there is this issue of satisfying your customers. Satisfy them enough and you get thrill coins, which add more to your score. This part is taken care of by giving your roller coaster enough acceleration. This is done by sharp downward tracks. Anyone who rode a roller coaster would surely agree with that.

There are a couple of tools at your disposal aside from the pen which allows you to create tracks from scratch: (1) Up the track (2) Steep drop (3) Loop (4) Down the track (5) Steep incline. The key here is to combine these pre-made parts of the roller coaster track with those that you have drawn freely with the pencil tool to create one that works - one that takes the roller coaster to the other end and one that allows the coaster to pass through the MUCH needed coins.

Coming with 21 different levels, this game will surely keep you on your toes. It's more of a puzzle type of drawing game with some elements of physics-based games added to it. Yes, if you make your tracks 90 degree-steep, your coaster will fall flat and you have to start over again. If you spend afternoons playing Pencil Racer, Line Rider, and the like, this should be a piece of cake for...or maybe easier than for most average gamers.

Nevertheless, playing Rollercoaster Creator is an excellent way to kill time and stave off boredom without getting too intense.