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ritris Instructions

Click and drag the left mouse button inside the four by twelve grid to draw any shape consisting of four bricks. After you release the left mouse button, the shape will float to the top of the screen. To cancel a drawn shape, keep holding the left mouse button and let go while your cursor is outside of the grid. Once all red blocks are removed from a level, or if you've survived one-hundred bricks, you'll move on to the next level. Complete all twelve levels in this progressively difficult Tetris reboot.

ritris Walkthrough

Ritris is a welcome change to the gameplay of Tetris - it's a drawing game with a twist that will have you keep playing for quite a while. In it, you'll have a grid at the bottom of the game screen, and a bunch of blocks on the top of the game screen. Every time you draw a shape consisting of four grid spaces, it will launch upwards and, standard Tetris rules applied, either stay or form a line and disappear.

If you've ever played Tetris before then you'll know exactly how to play Ritris, besides the fact that it's a drawing game. Ritris is just Tetris inverted, so you need to play it as such - the overall goal and objective in each level is to get rid of as many red bricks as possible, so don't spend too much time drawing green bricks that will only make other green bricks disappear.

As the game goes on, you should get better at making bricks that will only make red bricks disappear - you'll get more bonus points for completing levels quickly, scoring combos; the less green bricks you create, the better. If possible, try and avoid drawing green bricks without thinking - each grid in a shape you draw should have a specific job and place to go to - if it doesn't, maybe you shouldn't be drawing it.

All in all, Ritris is a solid Tetris clone that takes the original game and inverts it, making it more fun to play than ever before. If you enjoy games with drawing elements, puzzle games, and situations where you have to think quickly, then you'll love Ritris.