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Rainbow Roller 2 Instructions

Use your mouse to draw paths and ramps for your character to follow - you only have a limited quantity to use, so make concise paths and jump as much as you can. Avoid enemies and pick up stars for bonus points, make it to the end of a level to move on and unlock the next; choose between three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard.

Rainbow Roller 2 Walkthrough

Rainbow Roller 2 is a drawing game that improves upon the original in almost every aspect. In it, and like the sequel, you'll be drawing paths for your character (a ball - choose from 4 different ones while creating a profile at the beginning of the game) to follow. You character can always move upwards, but it won't follow the line it goes upside down, and it will turn around if there's a big bump in the line. Draw paths that lead your character to touch as many stars as possible, and avoid as many enemies as possible, too.

You'll start the game with only two levels available - the tutorial and the qualifying level. Play the tutorial to learn how to play the game and then try and beat the qualifying level to unlock the easy, medium, and hard difficulties. Each level in every difficulty has to be unlocked before you can play the next; making this one game you can keep coming back to.

Each level is quite long, so make sure you keep an eye on your magic power meter. It's what powers the lines you draw, and it gradually decreases while you're using it, so click on your ball to make it jump and save magic power in the mean time. You'll have to make your ball jump in the first place, to get on your path, anyways.

Most levels have spikes, enemies, and obstacles like rockets to get in your way and try to turn you around. You'll have a limited amount of health, so even though you can take a few hits, it's not recommended. At the end of every level your score will be totaled up and you'll be able to move on, with the 'hard' difficulty levels being quite frustrating.

Overall, Rainbow Roller 2 is a fun and more imaginative than the original game, and there are enough levels to keep your busy for quite a long time - and that's what makes this game an ideal time waster, especially if you like drawing games.