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Pixus Instructions

Use your mouse to draw lines and destroy the blocks in front of you - match the color you're using and the color of the block to destroy them, while mismatching colors will just get rid of your ink. As levels go on you'll have to destroy more color-heavy, complex pieces, so switch between colors quickly with the number keys.

Pixus Walkthrough

Pixus is an interesting take on the drawing game genre. You'll start each level with a picture in front of you, and you'll have to destroy it as fast as possible. Some pictures only have a few different colors, while some can have even for and five. Use certain colors to get rid of certain colored blocks, as you draw lines blocks will rise up from the bottom of the screen, and they'll destroy similar colored blocks, but they'll fade when they touch different colored blocks.

There are three difficulties to choose from, and as the levels go on they'll start taking longer and longer to complete. The quicker you complete each level, the better your score will be. While you're drawing lines, you may notice that you have a limited amount of ink. If you keep drawing lines and making blocks that don't destroy anything, you'll run out of it and you won't be able to complete the level - so try to destroy as many blocks as possible with every line you draw.

As pictures get more complex, you'll have to draw smaller lines for specific blocks. If there's a vertical line of blocks that you want to get rid of, try drawing your lines in sharp angles that point either up or down. This will not only save you ink, but get rid of blocks that you normally wouldn't be able to.

Pixus is a great twist on the drawing game genre - it's easy to pick up and even more entertaining to see how far you can get. The later levels will take a great amount of patience due to the large amount of different colors, but if you keep a level head you just may be able to beat Pixus.