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Pencil Racer 3: Drive It Instructions

Pencil Racer 3: Drive It - the controls are very similar to other physics-based drawing games out there. If your mouse is good, especially the left click button, if your hands are steady enough, then you can play this game. BUT as with most physics-based drawing games, it takes more than that to get far.

Pencil Racer 3: Drive It Walkthrough

Line Rider, Free Rider, Pencil Racer - if you loved these physics-based drawing games, if you are someone who likes to create your own level rather than to just play what's in front of you, then you will love Pencil Racer 3: Drive It. Just like the games mentioned above, Pencil Racer 3: Drive It comes with a simple premise: use your mouse (along with the tools provided) coupled with your steady hands to create your own stage or level for your biker or little character to race on.

Having played the game for hours, it all boils down to clicking and dragging your mouse to create your track line. How you do it is what matters most. The decorations added for visual appeal, tweaking the settings, etc., - they come after you have created an outline of your level. Being a game that relies mostly on experience plus trial-and-error, an in-depth walk through is a little inappropriate. Besides, you want to create your OWN level - with your own personal twists and touch, and not just copy someone else's.

HOWEVER, there are a couple of tips and tricks that should help you create your first decent and working track. When drawing floors, draw it from left to right and vice-versa when drawing ceilings. Your track has a top and bottom surface. Your vehicle can only drive through the top surface. If your vehicle falls from the track you have created, most likely, you have drawn in the wrong direction.

Other Adjustments: Want to make your track sticky? Want to give your vehicle increased acceleration? Yeah? Here's what you need to do: click on a line. Better yet, click and drag to select lines. After that, adjust the Stickiness and Acceleration sliders on the Properties Palette. Again, this is mostly trial-and-error. Keep on trying different stickiness and acceleration levels to you get the combination that suits you.

For The Artistic: Want to add some decorations on your track? Now, this is done after your track is finished and you are sure it's working. Anyway, if you got this far this quick, good for you! Here's how to add some finishing touches: switch to Art Tools under the Track Menu on the tools palette. If on the previous steps you always have to be careful about anything you add, here, you can let loose. Add anything, give reign to your creativity. Anything you add using the art tools won't affect the track.

Some Items You Can Add: There are a couple of stuff you can toss in to make the track even more interactive and a little more exciting than usual. You can add interactive items like power ups and collectibles. There are track pieces (pre-made track parts) for your vehicle to ride on. And you can also use Art shapes to brighten up the scene a bit.

With the ability to drive the bikes with tilty controls, with bombs, power ups, and other collectibles, can your friends drive the tracks you create? There's only one way to find out. Play Pencil Racer 3: Drive It!