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Pencil Racer Instructions

The controls of Pencil Rider is very straightforward - you just need to use your mouse and you will be clicking a lot for the most part. It's very identical to other drawing games out there. What you need to focus on, though, is the user interface which is filled with palettes, tabs, and buttons. It can be a little intimidating for newbies on drawing games. But worry not, that's EXACTLY what we'll take a closer look at...

Pencil Racer Walkthrough

If you are familiar with games like Line Rider and Free Rider, if you love drawing games like the ones mentioned and are looking for new grounds to conquer, then Pencil Racer is yours for the taking. Continuing the standard and tradition set by Line Rider (voted as the Best Web Toy For 2006), Pencil Racer is a drawing game where the objective is to design a track and launch a vehicle (it can be a tank, a duck, even a wild boar, etc.).

If you are a newcomer to this type of physics and drawing games, your first tries will be failures. Well, as for me, I spent a good deal of time - about an hour or so, before I was able to create a decent and workable track (Shhh! I failed physics back in high school). These drawing games rely more on experience and judgment to be played well. Not to mention adding your personal twists and touch on your track is what the game is all about.

Play the game more, toy with it as it's supposed to be, and you should come up with a track that's better than the previous one you created. HOWEVER, there are a couple of things that will help you flatten the learning curve a bit and spend more time having fun and less time scratching your head...trying to figure things out.

OK, first things first, you need to familiarize yourself with the 'tools of the trade' - the palettes and tabs. There are 3 palettes at your disposal in this game (1) the Tools Palette which contains everything you need to design your track. It's at the leftmost part initially (2) next to it is the Playback Palette, which is mostly for playing, testing, saving, and loading your tracks (3) and last BUT not the least, we have the Navigator Palette, which is, primarily, for managing your work.

Let's check out the at the Tools Palette: you will find 4 tabs within it (1) Track Tab which is for designing your track, it has everything you need for creating your track. From the pencil tool, to sliders that adjust the stickiness of your track and vehicle acceleration, and stuff in between, you'll find it here. (2) The Art Tab, on the other hand, contains stuff you need for decorating your scene or level. Anything you put in using the Art Tab won't affect your track. If you want to get artistic, this is the tab to use. (3) Vehicle Tab lets you select your vehicle - wild boar (!), ordinary car, monster truck, tank, etc. take your pick. (4) Selection Tab, this lets you modify portions of your track without affecting the others.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with these buttons and controls - you will be using them for the most part. The others like the Navigation and Playback Palettes - they are pretty self explanatory (Ex.: when the button says Play, clicking it will play the track. Simple, heh?).

Just like most drawing games out there, this is mostly trial-and-error PLUS experience. Mind you, it can easily get addictive. It won't be long before you find yourself spending hours in an effort to create that perfect level!