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Path to Presents Instructions

In this Christmas-themed game, control Santa with the WASD keys and guide him along paths you've drawn with your mouse - try to grab as many extra presents, like bears, as you can and to finish any level just grab the wrapped present.

Path to Presents Walkthrough

Path to Presents is a holiday-themed drawing game where you're controlling Santa. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to rack up as many points as you can while making it to the end of every level. There will be obstacles, enemies, and harsh weather conditions, not to mention a limited amount of drawing ink, but if you're quick on your feet you should be able to handle Path to Presents well enough.

You'll start Path to Presents with ten lives. Every time Santa falls through the bottom of the screen, or you have to restart a level because you've ran out of ink, you'll lose one. The ink meter in this drawing game is a little touchy, too, so don't use it too often - it runs faster than it should at points.

There will be extra gifts, like teddy bears, in each level. If you're willing to try and get the bonus points, then draw and extra path (or rearrange your previous path) for Santa to walk on and pick them up - they'll add to your score, but will also make your overall time increase, so choose wisely.

With two points of gameplay - drawing paths for Santa to walk on, and controlling Santa's actual movements - this makes for a dynamic game that's out of the ordinary (besides the Christmas theme). If you're looking for a challenging drawing game, then this is the one you should be playing - each level can be completed in a bunch of different ways, and if you're looking to get a low overall time, this game is great for speed runs. Path to Presents is fun, challenging, and it makes you think - it's exactly the kind of game you're looking for.