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Paint Wars Instructions

Paint Wars is controlled by using the mouse. Draw with the mouse (or tablet). Click on enemies to destroy them.

Paint Wars Walkthrough

Paint Wars is a drawing game that is simple in concept but challenging to master. Paint Wars features simple controls, colorful graphics, and exciting gameplay.

In Paint Wars, the object is to draw the shapes that are outlined on the screen. Once the shapes are drawn, you will advance to the next level. Be careful though, because a variety of enemies such as tanks and airplanes are out to stop you in this drawing game! Every time you click to draw, you lose points. If you run out of points before completing the level, it's game over!

Paint Wars uses a very simple control scheme. Click and drag to draw on the screen. To defeat enemies, simply point and click on them. You may use the mouse a drawing tablet if you have the peripheral. Personally, I prefer using the drawing tablet since it allows smoother control.

Paint Wars features two difficultly levels: easy and hard. If this is your first time playing this drawing game, I advise you to start on the easy difficulty level. Don't worry, even easy is challenging here! Easy mode starts you off with five thousand points at the beginning of each level, while hard mode starts you off with ten thousand. Hard mode uses the same levels as the easy mode of this drawing game, but enemies are more numerous and move faster.

Paint Wars rewards finesse. The less paint that you use on a level, the greater your score will be. If you get frustrated, however, you can wildly scribble over a shape just to pass a level, but your score will suffer if you choose this course of action. It should be noted that your score is decreased as long as you hold down the mouse button (or the pen to your tablet), even if you are not moving it to put more paint on the screen.

Paint Wars is a frantic drawing game that will bring out the warrior artist in you. I'd usually advise to keep your ammo dry, but you will need to keep your paint wet in Paint Wars!