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Orbol Instructions

Use your mouse to draw lines for Orbol to bounce from, and get him to the spinning goal in each level. Touching an enemy or spiked ball will cost you a life, as will running out ink. Draw small lines at sharp angles to conserve ink, and take your time since there isn't a time limit. Your score depends on how much ink you've used, so the less ink you use, the better.

Orbol Walkthrough

Orbol is a drawing game that can be frustrating if you're not patient. Orbol, whom you guide, is a trying to reach the goal in every level (the spinning, round object). To help him, you can draw lines that he'll ricochet off of - but you have a limited supply of ink, and if you run out or touch any spikes or enemies, you'll have to restart the level.

It's a good idea to draw small lines instead of big ones. This will not only save you ink (you'll start out with 1000 ink on each level), but once a line is drawn, it stays until Orbol hits it. So, if you draw a big line that Orbol doesn't collide with, it will only get in the way later. Orbol will also bounce off the green blocks found in every level, so use this to your advantage when trying to get him to the goal.

As said before, there's no time limit in the game, so take your time. If Orbol falls off the bottom of the screen, he'll reappear at the top, and so on and so on, so don't worry if he gets out of control. Something you have to look out for early on is how much ink you use, but you'll get better with it over time, and later in the game you'll have to look out for spikes and enemies more than anything else.

With challenging physics (Orbol moves quite fast) and a vast array of levels, Orbol is a drawing game that takes some time to beat. If you want a challenge, or maybe just something to mess around with, Orbol can help you do both.