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Orb Sketch Instructions

Click and drag your mouse to connect at least two or more orbs in this puzzling drawing game. The timer on the right side of the screen will let you know when another row is about to pop up from the bottom of the screen - any attempts to connect orbs when it pops up won't count. When the rows of orbs go beyond the top of the screen, it's a game over.

Orb Sketch Walkthrough

Orb Sketch is a puzzle game with some drawing game elements - in it, you'll have to try and keep rows of orbs under control. To get them to disappear, you'll have to connect at least two or more of the same color orb. Once they're highlighted, let go of the left mouse button and they'll disappear. Larger combos with tons of orbs will you bring you more points, while eliminating orbs in pairs, quickly, will help you keep up in later levels.

As the levels go on, new colors besides the initial three you start out with (red, blue, and green) will slowly be introduced. After a while it starts to become quite difficult to score large combos - so make sure you get them when the game first starts - because you won't be able to with a huge variety of colors.

One great thing about Orb Sketch is the open-endedness it offers. Instead of just being able to make small, limited combos, you'll be able to make huge ones. And for one reason - since you have to draw lines to connect orbs, the ability to go between orbs exists. There's no collision detection besides touching an orb exactly, so you can connect orbs on opposites sides of the screen if you want to.

This glitch or oversight makes the game even more fun, and it's a nice challenge to see how far you can get in this puzzle game. Things get progressively more difficult in Orb Sketch, so the challenge only increases as time goes on, too.