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Ninja Roll 2 Instructions

Use your mouse to draw tracks for you ninja to roll on - you must collect every star in a level to move on to the next level; look out for obstacles and disappearing lines. Hotkeys include the D key for drawing, the E key to eraser lines, the M key to move the screen with the mouse, the R key to restart any level at any time if you don't reach the goal, the S key to scroll the screen, and hit the spacebar to start the level.

Ninja Roll 2 Walkthrough

Ninja Roll 2 is a creative and tricky drawing game, one where you'll be restarting some levels every few seconds and working on some levels for almost a few minutes. If you like puzzles, ones where you have to think spatially, Ninja Roll 2 is the game for you. If you played the previous game, Ninja Roll, then you'll know what to do - you have to construct and draw a path for your ninja in every level, while collecting every star available in the level. As soon as you collect the last start, you'll be given your current score (the total amount of time you've been playing), and you'll be able to move on to the next level.

If you stop playing at any time and come back to the game later, you'll be able to choose the last level you completed with the level select option in the main menu of the game. There are also a lot of hotkeys you'll have to utilize while playing Ninja Roll 2, and they can all be found at the top of the screen. When you're in difficult levels that take a lot of time, you'll find that it's a lot faster to just use the hot keys.

With a huge amount of tricky levels, it's sometimes a better idea to work out certain parts of a level instead of trying to solve the whole level all at once. Since you have an unlimited amount of lives, you don't have to worry about trying out a bunch of different options - try out any path you think works, and if it doesn't restart the level with the R key and try again.

Ninja Roll 2 is an insanely fun and addicting game that takes not only time and effort, but wit. If you like games you have to think about, while still moving quickly, you'll love Ninja Roll 2 - and you should try out the first game, too.