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Magic Touch Instructions

Control your wizard with your cursor; draw with your left mouse button and match the shapes presented on the balloons of enemies. If two or more enemies have the same shape on their balloon, they'll both be popped, and as the game goes on enemies will start having more than just one balloon. You'll have a limited amount of time to draw each symbol, so hurry up once you start drawing.

Magic Touch Walkthrough

Magic Touch is a game where you control a wizard to protect a castle - that's the game in a nutshell. Enemies will drop down from the top of the screen, trying to take the castle by air. It's up to you to draw the symbols they have on the balloons attached to them, so they'll fall and crash. Although there is a limited amount of time you have, once you start drawing - some symbols can be difficult to draw, too, so the game gets quite hectic after a few minutes.

After you've killed off a bunch of enemy robots, you'll start to notice they some have more than one balloon - you'll have to draw two subsequent symbols to destroy these enemies, and, to make the game a little easier, if you draw a symbol that matches another enemy balloon, that balloon will also pop. Keep this in mind so you can pop a bunch of balloons at once; otherwise stick to drawing the symbols of the nearest enemy.

Overall, Magic Touch is a fun drawing game with an interesting concept - the game starts easy enough but gets progressively harder, and anyone who likes a challenge should enjoy it. Remember, if even one enemy lands on your castle, it's an instant game over, so draw the symbols of the enemy closest to you. Not only that, make sure you draw the symbols quickly - if you don't, and your timer runs out, you'll have to start drawing it again, from scratch.