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Magic Pen 2 Instructions

Is your hand and mouse ready? Yeah? Good! Then you can play Magic Pen 2! In this drawing game, the idea is to move the red ball to the goal by drawing shapes and pushing it around. To draw, just hold on the left click button of your mouse. By the way, you cannot draw inside other objects. To draw a circle, you need to click using the left mouse button where you want the center of the circle to be. Hold on to it until you get the size that you want. Pins and hinges: you need to draw these to as they connect objects. The pin fixes the 2 objects together. And the hinge, on the other hand, allows them to rotate. With that taken care of, let\'s move on to the game! Pins and hinges connect objects: a pin fixes the two objects, and a hinge allows rotation.

Magic Pen 2 Walkthrough

With this edition showcasing 32 MORE puzzling levels (which are selectable right from the onset and don\'t need to be unlocked), Magic Pen 2 will surely rock your world! Serving as a sequel to Magic Pen, which is an adaptation of the popular Crayon Physics Deluxe created by Petri Purho, there is little doubt that fans of physics and drawing games will dig Magic Pen 2!

So what\'s new in Magic Pen 2? As for the game play, nothing much has changed in the equation and I don\'t think it needs to. Many fans of drawing games loved Magic Pen and there\'s no need to fix what\'s NOT broken. As for the levels, HOWEVER, they are more intricate this time around. Set in different historical locations that are rendered in crayon, you will encounter more obstacles, moving contraptions, and those are just to name a few. And just like in Magic Pen, the coloring book illustrations along with the relaxing music top off everything like an icing on the cake!

The idea behind this drawing game is simple - you need to get the red ball to touch all of the flags. How do you do it? You need to draw physical objects on your screen using your crayon like cursor.

Want to knock the ball to one side? Simple! Drop a large sphere from above. If you want to help it roll up through large steps, then draw ramps. And if there are gaps in between, attach hammers to the landscape together with hinges to knock it over. YES, it all depends on your imagination.

If you need to place a fixed pin, just press S. And for attaching that rotating hinge, the D button should get the job done. And when you\'re done using a shape or an object, or if it doesn\'t serve what you wanted it to do and need to start over, press A...that should do it.

And here\'s another fine addition to Magic Pen 2: when things aren\'t going as planned and you need to give your ball a nudge to the right direction, you have the wind cursor! Press W and click near the red ball and that should get the job done.

Yeah, there are no major improvements. BUT who needs them when the game is just as fun. Lovers of drawing games, get ready to get that ball rolling!