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Magic Pen Instructions

Magic Pen is controlled by using using the mouse (or a drawing tablet) and the keyboard. Click and drag to draw. Hold the A key to erase, the S key the place pins, and the D key to place hinges. Press the Q key to bring up the menu. The spacebar is used to restart the current level.

Magic Pen Walkthrough

Magic Pen is a drawing game with physics game elements. Magic Pen features colorful graphics, simple controls, and twenty-six charming levels.

The objective of Magic Pen is to get the red ball to reach the red flag in each level. In order to accomplish this goal, you will have to draw shapes to put the ball in motion towards the goal. This drawing game features twenty-six goal-based levels as well as Free Play mode where you can practice doodling. Levels can be completed in any order, and your best score is saved upon the completion of each level, so you can try to beat your scores at a later time, even after closing your browser!

Drawing in Magic Pen is simple. Click and drag with your mouse (or use a drawing tablet) to draw shapes. Whole objects must be drawn; you cannot draw individual lines and connect them in this drawing game. After drawing an object, physics will automatically apply to it. If you mess up, press and hold the A key while clicking objects to remove them. If you wish to reset the current level, press the spacebar.

The first five levels of Magic Pen are simple and help you to learn the basics of the game, but later levels require more brain power. Keep the basic properties of physics in mind. The larger the object that you draw, the greater its mass. Dropping objects from a greater height causes them to exert more force when falling. Finally, it goes without saying that inclines should be drawn to help the ball climb up ledges. Most levels of this drawing game have multiple possible solutions, so choose the one that works best for you.

Your ink is limited in Magic Pen, so use it wisely. The current amount of ink left is indicated by a blue bar at the bottom of the screen when drawing. Drawing as few objects as possible in this drawing game saves ink and improves your score (your score is how many shapes it took to get the ball to the flag, similar to a golf score that counts how many strokes it takes to get to the hole).

Magic Pen is a drawing game that does not require a lot of illustrative talent, but does require the ability to think things through. If you are a fan of puzzle games or physics games, you will enjoy Magic Pen!