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Linx Instructions

Linx is controlled by using the mouse and keyboard. Click on a colored block and drag your mouse to draw paths of that color. Paths are removed by hovering the mouse over a segment of path and pressing the spacebar (you may change this key under the options menu). The escape key is used to access the help menu.

Linx Walkthrough

Linx is a hybrid of puzzle game and drawing game. This puzzle game features 8-bit music, sprite graphics, and forty challenging levels!

The objective of Linx is to solve each puzzle by drawing paths that link together. Some levels of this drawing game will require you to draw paths linking all squares of the same color together, while others may require you to draw a loop leading back to the same square. There is no time limit in this puzzle game, so you may complete each level at your leisure.

Linx does not have a time limit, but some levels have a path limit. The path limit of a level determines how many segments of path you may lay on the tiles in that particular level. Once you have reached the path limit, you will have to remove segments of path in order to draw more. To remove segments of path, hover over them with your mouse and press the remove path key (the default key is the spacebar).

Linx does not allow you to cross path of different colors. If you attempt to cross one of your paths with a path of a different color, your new path will break the old one. Some levels of this drawing game will require you to use alternate routes to avoid breaking paths, but be wary of the path limit!

Some levels of Linx are straightforward and easy, but others can be mind-numbingly difficult! Some levels have multiple possible solutions. If a level is too difficult, you may access a walkthrough under the help menu. I advise you to use the walkthrough as a last resort, because it will take the fun out of solving the puzzle yourself! If this drawing game drains your brainpower, you can resume your progress at a later date by taking advantage of the Linx's automatic save feature.

Linx is a wonderful game for fans of the drawing game and puzzle game genres. If you want a brain-busting challenge, then give Linx a play today!