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Line Rider Instructions

The controls of Line Rider, as with most drawing games, are very simple to pick up on. Heck! You only need to use the most. For the most part, you will use your mouse to click on those icons on the user interface to create your own tracks and let your skier slide through it. Familiarizing yourself with the interface is key to getting the most out of this drawing game.

Line Rider Walkthrough

Strange enough, compelling, and unique - if you are on the hunt for drawing games that have those squeezed in one neat package, then Line Rider is a game you should check out! This drawing game was released initially over at DeviantArt. Since then, more and more fans of drawing games have found the game addicting for reasons you will see why.

The premise behind Line Rider is pretty simple and straightforward: you are given a graphical user interface. You need to use that interface to draw a surface...a path that your little character (who happens to ride a sled) to slide on. What path do you create? What obstacles would you put in? It all depends on you and you alone. That's precisely the reason why fans of drawing games found this game very addictive.

You get to add your personal touch - the whole track, path, or whatever you call it, it's creation boils down to your preference. Once you are done drawing the surface, just click on the play button (that's the triangle pointing to the right in case you can't find it) and watch your skier slide through your custom-made track.

I believe this game is NOT yet complete, it's still a work in progress, which is EXCELLENT news if you like it but longing to remove some of the frustrating limitations (ex.: unable to control your skier). I think they are already working on Line Rider 2 after the original game, this one, turned out to be a huge hit.

That said, there's still a lot of fun to be had with this drawing game. Matter of fact, you can save and load the tracks you have built. And that means you can share them with your friends...race your skier on their tracks and vice versa. The files, by the way, are saved locally on your computer. The author, which is FSK, has also created a download-ready version of Line Rider. With the download version promising to have a better frame rate and being resizable, this should be a notch or two better than the browser-version of the drawing game. Mind you, though, it is in .exe format and that means it will only run in Windows.

For those who are new to drawing games and can't seem to figure out how to make the most out of Line Rider, there are only 4 tasks you need to keep in mind when drawing your tracks or paths. Here they are:

(1) First off, you need to create a ramp that would allow your skier to slide down without crashing. (2) Create a ramp with a jump (again, no crashing) as well as a landing platform.(3) Create a loop-de-loop. (4) Draw a backwards loop-de-loop.

Those are the basic objectives in the game. Nothing fancy, nothing complicated (but 100 percent addictive) once you have figured out the ins and outs. From there, you can create your own twists, which is precisely the reason why Line Rider stands out from your average drawing games.