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Line Game: Lime Edition Instructions

Line Game: Lime Edition can be controlled by either the keyboard or the mouse. When using the keyboard, use the arrow keys to move. If using the mouse, your line will follow your mouse cursor.

Line Game: Lime Edition Walkthrough

Line Game: Lime Edition is an avoidance game featuring simple graphics with bright colors, simple controls, and outstanding music. Line Game: Lime Edition is the third game in the Line Game series with improved visuals, better controls, and fourteen new levels.

The objective of Line Game: Lime Edition is to make it to the goal (represented by a green circle) before time runs out. The faster you make it to the goal in this avoidance game, the higher your score will be, but be careful not to run into any hazards along the way.

Line Game: Lime Edition contains a variety of hazards which are colored red. Some of these hazards spin or move back and forth and most be avoided. If the forward tip of your line touches any of these hazards or the edge of the maze, you will have to start the level over from the beginning, or you will continue from the last checkpoint. Much like a personal budget, you will always want to stay in the black in this avoidance game!

In order to use checkpoints in Line Game: Lime Edition, you must collect limes that are present on some levels. Collecting limes gives you a small amount of bonus time and also gives you a checkpoint that you will start from if you run into a hazard or wall. Collecting limes is not mandatory, but doing so can be very helpful and may potentially raise your score in this maze game.

Controlling Line Game: Lime Edition is a cinch. If you choose to use the keyboard, the tip of your line will move in the direction of the arrow key that you press. If you choose to use the mouse, the tip of your line will follow your mouse cursor. The farther your mouse is from your line, the faster your line will move. Keyboard control allows for finer movements, but mouse control is faster and more fluid. Some levels of this avoidance game are easier to pass by using the mouse, while others are easier using the keyboard. Sadly, you cannot change the control scheme while in the game, so you will have to go back to the main menu, select the controls that you wish to use, then select the level that you wish to continue from.

Line Game: Lime Edition is a highly-challenging and addicting avoidance game. If you are a fan of well-made maze games, or if you enjoyed the previous iterations of the Line Game series, then you will enjoy Line Game: Lime Edition!