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Line Bounder Instructions

Point and click to make your move in this mind-bending, line-building puzzle game.

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Line Bounder, as it's simply called, is a point-and-click puzzle game where you're pitted against a computer opponent. There are modes to choose from: easy, medium, hard, challenge, and hardcore mode - these range in difficulty and how smart the AI of the computer players is.

Needless to say, Line Bounder is difficult enough in easy mode. You'll start out with three important points to remember - where your goal is located, the goal of your opponent, and the starting point in the middle of the game screen. It's your goal to form a line that reaches your opponent's goal. The game screen is a grid built around this point, with many other points, and you'll have to make moves to expand a line, while trying to reach the opponent's goal.

Sounds complicated, right? At first, yes - Line Bounder is a difficult drawing game with puzzling elements that may discourage you at first, but, once you play a few rounds, you'll get the hang of it. After you chose a point that will expand the line (you're limited to one grid space per move), the computer will make their move, and neither player can move back to a space that's already been landed on.

This makes the line take a complex pattern, and if you're a savvy player you can end up making combos while connecting to past points. It's easier just to try it out for yourself, but this ends up making the game interesting - in it, you'll be able to head-off an enemy attack by making huge combos, blocking him from moving towards your goal. You can either play offensively, with great risks, or defensively, ensuring your victory.

Overall, Line Bounder is a fun game to pick up when you're bored - because you certainly won't be while you're playing it.