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InkWell Instructions

InkWell is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag to draw lines.

InkWell Walkthrough

InkWell is a drawing game that is simple to control, but difficult to master. This drawing game features simple graphics and potentially infinite gameplay!

The objective of InkWell is to score as high as possible. In order to score in this drawing game, you must guide your blue ball into the goal (represented by a green circle). Once you have guided the ball to the goal, you will score a point, and the goal will spawn in a different position.

In order to guide your ball in InkWell, you must draw lines. The ball will automatically bounce off of the four sides of the game's screen, but if you want to guide it, you will have to draw lines by using your mouse (or a drawing tablet) to deflect the ball in the direction that you want it to go. You may only have one drawn line at once in this drawing game; drawing a second line will cause your first to disappear. Also, when your ball makes contact with a line, that line will disappear.

InkWell is not without its hazards. Occasionally, small red circles will fade in on the game's stage. These red circles are your enemies. Your ball can collide with them while they are still fading in, but once they have completely faded in, you will lose a life if your ball collides with one. Drawing lines will not deflect these red circles, as they can travel right through lines that you draw, but you may be able to deflect your ball away from danger by doing so!

In InkWell, it is sometimes possible to score without taking any action at all, while other times you will have to draw multiple lines quickly to deflect your ball out of harm's way or into the goal. You will have to carefully watch the current path of your ball's travel, as well as the next angle that it will bounce at in order to succeed in this drawing game.

InkWell is a simple and addicting drawing game. This drawing game may start out easy, but as you progress you're going to be in for a major challenge!