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Incredibots Instructions

As far as controls go, there is nothing out of the usual or complex with Incredibots. Just like most drawing games and physics based web toys out there on the internet, you need your mouse for just about everything - from drawing those lines, getting your character moving, clicking buttons, and everything else in between. Let's have a closer look at the game...

Incredibots Walkthrough

Drawing games and physics based webtoys - if you are a huge fan of the downloadable sandbox builder like Phun, Line Rider, and Fantastic Corporation, then you will surely love Incredibots. Just like the games I have mentioned, you are given a couple of simple tools in Incredibots... and it's all up to you and your creative impulses to make the most out of these simple tools. With these, you can draw shapes, connect them using joints, and tweak their basic properties... and you will end up with a living, moving, and fully functional bot that can do just about any task. Again, your imagination and creativity is the only limit.

You can even make movies that come with text and you can even share it with other Incredibots fans. Flexibility - this is one of the primary strengths of this drawing game. HOWEVER, because of this enormous flexibility, you need a couple of minutes to figure things out and familiarize yourself with the different options you have at your disposal. BUT don't fret. There's a set of tutorials that will show you the ins and outs... the basics and this series of tutorials should only take a couple of minutes to complete.

The game also showcases a set of challenging levels that has a dozen or so tasks to work through - this includes moving objects around, climbing obstacles and going through courses, building catapults that will hurl shapes through the air, and those are just to name a few. It's fun for newcomers in drawing games... HOWEVER, the real fun, for someone who's quite adept at these games, starts in the sandbox mode. This is where you will start with a blank template and it's all up to you to make something out of nothing.

Looking at the game, Incredibots is broken down into two components: there are shapes and there are joints to join them together. Using these 2 components, you will create your own world. Using the menu at the top screen, you can draw rectangles, circles, triangles, and other shapes using your mouse. To connect them, you can use rotating, fixed, or sliding joints. To take tweaking to the next level, click on the shape you have just created. This will allow you to change properties and attributes such as density, weight, etc. These factors would affect your contraption when it comes to life so you better fiddle with these attributes smartly.

Let's admit, a robot is not very interesting when it's just sitting there. So what should you do? SIMPLE! Add those joints and give your robot the power of movement. Click on any existing joint to bring up options on the left part of the screen. From there, you can enable the motor which will power the joint to move on its own or to move depending on the keyboard input your choose. Along with that, you can also adjust the speed as well as power in which the joint operates. This is very useful for crafting all sorts of moving parts. Heck! Get the settings and properties right and your robot should be on its way to lifting large and heavy loads.

Once you are all done with your creation, all you have to do is click the play button, sit back, and relax as your robot comes to life.