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Imagine Artist Instructions

Use your mouse and cursor to mix colors, fill in landscapes, and complete challenges.

Imagine Artist Walkthrough

Imagine Artist is a kids' drawing game with two modes. In freeplay mode, you'll be able to draw and fill in a landscape as you please. There are four to choose from, of varying environments, and you'll be able to pick every color available (and even mix your own). There are also objects you can place and color in this mode, so it goes beyond just coloring. You'll have two different brush sizes, too, so you can finely color any blank picture.

Challenge mode is a little bit different. It starts off showing you how to mix colors, which is important if you want to get further into the game. To mix colors, take one of the primary colors (red, blue, or yellow) and put it in the mixing circle. You'll be able to put another primary color over it, creating a new color. Use this to match the colors you'll have to copy.

Each level shows a colored in picture on the left half of the screen and an uncolored picture on the right half of the screen. It's all up to you to match and copy these colors, and fill in the picture with the appropriate matching color. Pictures at the beginning of challenge mode are easy enough, but as it goes on, they get a bit more difficult.

If you're looking for a game to play then go with challenge mode - in it, you'll have an objective. Or, if you're just looking for an interactive coloring book, go with freeplay mode. Both have aspects that you'll enjoy, and if you're not enjoying one, switch to other. Imagine Artist is a great game for kids, especially if they like to color, and it's based on the Nintendo DS game of the same name.