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Eric The Circle (lite) Instructions

Use the arrow keys to control Eric The Circle - solve the picture puzzles by putting Eric The Circle in the right place, and draw ledges and steps when necessary with your mouse.

Eric The Circle (lite) Walkthrough

Eric The Circle (lite) is a drawing game with a twist - in it, you'll not only have to draw, but you'll have to control Eric (the circle) with the arrow keys to traverse objects and reach the exit of every level. There are twelve levels to choose from, and for every 25,000 points you score, you'll be able to unlock a new outfit for Eric to wear.

The first level is easy enough, and you'll be able to beat it while learning how to play the game. The second level, though, is not as easy. You'll need ink to draw steps and ledges - get ink by grabbing ink bottles - but keep in mind that you have a limited amount. Next, before you get to the exit of any stage, you'll have to solve a simple picture puzzle. Some of these puzzles are confusing, and some are tricky, but they're not too hard to figure out.

For instance, there's a picture puzzle where you have to solve a game of tic-tac-toe. Move Eric around with the arrow keys after jumping into the picture, and once it's been solved you'll pop right out and be able to finish the level you're currently on.

While each level may seem complex, if you break each part down, it's not that hard. Ink is hard to come by, though, so whenever you're drawing anything make sure you use as little as possible. You'll gain bonuses for completing levels quickly, so if you can, try to do so.

Eric The Circle is a great drawing game with multiple elements at work, making a dynamic game that's fun to come back to even after you've beat it. But if you haven't there's no reason to stop playing - so have fun, and good luck.