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Dupligon Instructions

Just like in most shape based drawing games, playing Dupligon requires only your mouse to draw those shapes... and a good memory. Nothing really fancy or out of this world as far as the controls of Dupligon go. HOWEVER, don't be deceived into thinking that this game is child's play. Let's take a closer look at the game...

Dupligon Walkthrough

If you think you are the best polygon drawer in this side of the planet (or should I say this side of the internet?), then this challenge will put your skills to the test. A short BUT sweet brain teasing drawing game, Dupligon will not only test your drawing skills BUT your memory as well. For a couple of seconds, you will be shown a polygon. Look at it... and look at it hard for the screen will shift to the drawing board and it will be your turn to draw the polygon you just saw. I guess that's precisely the reason why the game is called Dupligon - yeah, you got to duplicate the polygon.

The comes with 4 different levels - and they are increasing in difficulty. On the first level, you are required to draw triangles - the most basic and simplest of all polygons. The number of angles and sides progress - you will have quadrilateral shapes on the second stage, then you have pentagons or five sided shapes on the third level, and hexagons on the last level. Each level comes with 5 challenges... 5 shapes that you need to draw with precision.

You will see the original shape on the left box. You better remember what it looks like as you need to draw the shape on the right box. If your hands are pretty shaky, worry not. You only need to place the points of the shape by clicking the mouse. Along with that, the size as well as the position of the shape you draw doesn't matter at all (unless you are a seasoned architect, getting these 2 factors right would be hard as hell), BUT you do need to focus on the angles.

After drawing the shape, you will be given a score - it can be a C, B, or A (or somewhere in between with a + or - depending on your performance). After finishing a level, you will be given an average performance. Mine wasn't exceptionally good, but it wasn't bad either. My scores for every level are always somewhere between B+ and A-. Not bad for someone who isn't very good with shapes and symmetry.

Coming at you with 4 different levels with 5 challenges on each of them, Dupligon is a drawing game that you can finish in an hour or so. BUT the challenge and the urge to score much higher than you did gives the game some nice replay value. All in all, Dupligon is a drawing game that one could liken to my score - not exceptional BUT not bad either. If you are having a hard time staving off boredom in a not-so-sunny afternoon, you can count on Dupligon to help you kill time while exercising your drawing and memory skills in the process.