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Draw Race Instructions

Draw Race is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag to draw a route for your car. Drawing faster makes the car go faster, while drawing slower will make the car brake.

Draw Race Walkthrough

Draw Race is a unique game that combines the racing game and drawing game genres. This drawing game features realistic sound effects, cartoon graphics, and four tracks to race on.

The objective of Draw Race is to win first place in each race against two computer-controlled opponents. If you manage to win first place in this drawing game, you will unlock the next track. If you fail to win first place, you will have to repeat the race.

Unlike other racing games, you do not have direct control over your car in Draw Race. Instead, you must use your mouse to draw a path for your car before each race. Drawing slowly will cause your car to break on that portion of the race, and drawing quickly will cause your car to speed up. After you have drawn the second lap, the race will automatically begin, and your car will try to follow the path that you drew for it.

Draw Race is an incredibly challenging racing game. Like most racing games, the AI has a much easier time navigating the track, and the fact that you do not directly control your car makes this drawing game even more challenging! You can mitigate some of the challenge by drawing curves slowly. If you draw too fast on a turn, your car may lose grip and spin out on turns.

Another tip for use in this drawing game is to try to make your turns as close to the inside of the track as possible. Wide turns take longer and allow your opponents to pass you. If you make turns close to the inside of the track, you shorten your traveling distance and increase your chances of surpassing the opposition! Just make sure not to go off of the track, because the surface outside of the track will slow you down severely.

Draw Race is a very challenging racing game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The drawing game aspect of Draw Race is unique, and it is just as exhilarating watching your car race as it would be manually controlling it!