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Draw Play 3 Instructions

Controls of Draw Play 3 are very similar to Draw Play and Draw Play 2 (well, it\'s similar to most drawing games). Use the mouse and the left click button to draw your platform - press and hold on to it and move your mouse to start drawing. Use the directional keys - up, down, left, and right, to guide your character to the goal. BUT there is one fine addition to Draw Play 3 as far as controls go: the option to use the W, A, S, and D keys instead of the arrow keys, which I find a little awkward.

Draw Play 3 Walkthrough

The follow up to the original and fun Draw Play series - Draw Play 3. The series - 3 games, are some of the best drawing games you could ever lay your hands on. Draw Play 3 has all of the elements that made the previous installments engaging and very interesting...PLUS MORE!

This time around, it\'s MORE action oriented! Just like any platformer game around, you need to control your character a little (he jumps, moves forward and backward, dives down, etc.) and draw more. Create stairs, hop from one ledge to another, create a dot, leap onto it, use the pen to push yourself up, etc. YES, it all boils down to how imaginative and creative you are.

There are a number of minor improvements introduced in Draw Play 3, which made it a notch or two ahead of other platformers and drawing games (including its elder brothers). One of the most friendly is the introduction of the W, A, S, and D keys as an alternative to the arrow keys. Well, I\'m a first person shooter kind of guy so this is heaven sent. I\'m not that at ease using the arrow keys.

The mouse controls the brush. All you have to do is click and move your mouse to start drawing a platform. And here\'s MORE: the erase tool! Finally, in Draw Play 2, once you click erase, the whole platform you drew is obliterated, which is kind of frustrating when you know that you are just a little off target and you only need to tweak it a bit to get to the flag.

HOWEVER, the BIGGEST and most pleasant change I believe is the emphasis of Draw Play 3 on action together with puzzle solving. Yes, you still need to figure out how to reach that flag. Here, though, it\'s easier to figure out how to reach it. Getting it done in time, though, is a different story! Hesitate for a second and you are blasted to pieces. Yes, the spikes are still there....BUT the real challenge are those moving missles that will ruin your day if you don\'t act fast. Stay away from them no matter what!

The music and sound effects (some of the complaints) have also been improved by a GREAT deal. It\'s NOT as annoying anymore. HOWEVER, the bounding box problem (hit detection) is still an issue. It\'s still a bit off. So the same advice goes for this one: keep your distance from spikes or anything that will kill at the max. Don\'t count on a few pixels!

Fun, puzzling, and this time action packed! Draw Play 3 is the complete package. Why not spend a couple of hours in the weekend slugging it out with this game? I\'m sure you\'ll enjoy it.