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Draw Play 2 Instructions

The controls of Draw Play 2, just like in most drawing games, is fairly simple to pick up - use your mouse\'s left click button to draw platforms. Additionally, you also need to use the up, down, left, and right directional keys to guide your character (which for the life of me I can\'t define if he\'s human or what) to the goal: the blue flag!

Draw Play 2 Walkthrough

Simple premise BUT not so simple game play: that\'s how it goes in most drawing games. And the same thing can be said with Draw Play 2 - a sequel to the popular hit which is of the same name. The goal: to reach that blue flag and move on to the next level. The idea here is to create a raw path or platform for your character to walk on, and guide your character using the directional keys.

A Word Of Warning: The spikes! Be VERY careful about the spikes! A slight collission with the spikes means starting from square one. What I really find odd is that even if you are clear of the spikes, you still die from touching a boundary near them. Maybe it\'s the bounding box problem which was a minor issue back in the first installment of Draw Play?

Perhaps...most likely that\'s it. And no, don\'t even think about covering the bounding box of the spikes with ink so you can walk on them. That doesn\'t work as I have tried and tested. Heck! I was stuck in level 3 trying to find a work-around through the pesky spikes that are surrounding the flag.

No work-arounds unfortunately, which can be challenging to experienced players and enthusiasts of drawing games...BUT a little frustrating to those who are just starting out. The key here is to have steady fingers and to think well before you start to draw. You can\'t just leap around the place. One mistaken step and you\'re done.

Also, it helps when you draw one small platform for your character to step on, jump on that platform, draw another one, jump on it...rinse and repeat. Instead of pulling your hairs out trying to visualize how you are going to draw your platform, which is very hard, by following the tip above, you get to cover some ground minus the hard task of visualizing the whole thing.

2 Game Modes: Another addition to Draw Play 2 are the 2 game modes - Easy and Hard. If you are just starting out, don\'t push your luck. Go for the easy mode. And believe me, it\'s hard enough to keep drawing games newbies on their toes...thinking how to draw that perfect platform to reach the blue flag.

If you think you are a demi-god when it comes to drawing games, though, then show off your skill and pick the Hard Mode. On Hard Mode, you only have limited ink (Easy mode gives you unlimited ink). And this is a HUGE deal since drawing straight paths won\'t cut it. That\'s especially true for the harder levels. You need to make dots or dashes instead and get the most out of it.

Challenging, mind boggling, and fun - if you want your drawing games to have all of those, then Draw Play 2, and the rest of the series, is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!