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Draw Play Instructions

Draw games - whatever the name of the game is, you just need to make sure your mouse\'s left click button is good to go and you are all set. In Draw Play, aside from the mouse, you also need to use your arrow keys - left, right, up, and down directional keys, for guiding your character to the goal: the blue flag. With that taken care of, let\'s take a closer look at the game!

Draw Play Walkthrough

A unique drawing game created by Eggy, Draw Play has caught the attention of fans and enthusiasts of drawing games and RIGHTLY so! At first, it seems like it\'s a standard platformer game. HOWEVER, here\'s the catch: you need to draw the platforms yourself using the mouse. Make your character walk or jump to and fro through the drawn platforms using the arrow keys. Guide him until he reaches the flag and moves on to the next level.

I really like the innovative mechanic and twist that Draw Play has. Here are some tips, tricks, and warnings that will make playing Draw Play twice as fun:

- Spikes, in this drawing game, they are your worst enemy! Touch or collide with them and your character goes down bleeding and you have to start from square one. One thing I would like to point out is that the spikes have a bounding box. Colliding with it is based on its bounding box and your bounding box...rather than the spike itself.

Since spikes are triangular (as we all know), and the bounding box is square, what does this mean? This means you will fairly often just by touching the bounding box (which you do NOT see) even if you are a couple of notches clear of the spike. You need to be EXTRA careful when dealing with those pesky spikes and move around it with the maximum distance possible.

Also, it wasn\'t stated in the beginning that it\'s OK to walk through anything that\'s NOT a spike. So keep that in mind. Don\'t be bothered about anything else...BUT the spikes!

- Want to finish Draw Play in record time? Yeah? Of course you do! Well, here\'s a trick: instead of creating complicated and mind boggling platforms, you can easily circumvent many of the levels by jumping! How do you do it? SIMPLE! Draw a line under your character, make it jump, rinse and repeat until you reach the top. After that, draw a line over the flag, and VIOLA! Goal achieved!

I\'m NOT so sure if this is intended by the game developer. Perhaps it\'s a flaw or a bug? Most likely yes. BUT hey, that\'s still a technique worth using. So keep under your sleeves and use it when it seems the level you are at is way too hard for you to handle.

Draw Play - this is NOT a perfect drawing game. No, not by a long shot. There are some flaws as I have pointed out. And maybe you can spot one or two more. BUT who cares about imperfections when it\'s one of the MOST engaging drawing games out there?

Lovers of drawing games, don\'t skip a beat. Dig in and have fun!