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Draw in the Dark Instructions

Use your mouse to trace a picture in the dark - to help you out, you'll be able to use a flashlight, but it has a limited battery, so you'll have to work quickly.

Draw in the Dark Walkthrough

Draw in the Dark is a simple game with once picture to trace - at least, that's what you think when you start playing. The game starts with the lights on, but suddenly, they're off, and it's up to you to start drawing. There's a meter in the top right corner that will show your current accuracy, so if you want a good rating, keep an eye on it.

After the lights are turned off, you'll have to occasionally use your flashlight to see where you're drawing. The pen color you're using can be changed, too, and it's probably a good idea to go with red since it stands out the most. The menu on the right side of the screen will help you out quite a bit - since it has the button that turns on the flashlight, but if you want to restart the game at any time, there's a restart button there, too.

The flashlight you'll be using has a limited battery, and it adds a twist to this otherwise straight-forward game. Instead of taking your time and trying to get as accurate of a picture as possible, you'll have to use your flashlight as sparingly as possible, and you'll have to sketch quite fast.

Overall, Draw in the Dark is one drawing game that takes a steady but fast hand. If you think you can draw an accurate picture, you'll be told while you're doing so with the meter in the top right corner, and the flashlight twist makes this game more interesting than it normally would be. If you think you're up to the challenge, try this one out.