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Draw Bounce Instructions

Draw Bounce is controlled by using the mouse. Click and drag to draw lines. Click "Start" to put the ball in motion. Click "Clear" to clear your drawing and restart the level. Click "Reset Ball" to restart the level without clearing your drawing.

Draw Bounce Walkthrough

Draw Bounce is a simple drawing game developed by Flash guru Emanuele Feronato. This drawing game features simple graphics, a variety of powerups, and fifty stages.

The objective of Draw Bounce is to guide your orange ball to the goal (represented by a star) on each level. You have unlimited tries and no time limit. Once you have drawn your path, click the "Start" button to put the ball in motion. If you make your goal, you will be taken to the next level in this drawing game, but if you miss, you will have the opportunity to start the level over again.

It is important to note that your ball bounces in Draw Bounce. Drawing a bumpy line will cause your ball to bounce more frequently, while a smooth line will reduce bouncing, which can make some levels of this drawing game much easier. For this reason, I found that using a drawing tablet makes the game much easier if you have one available.

Another thing that you must keep in mind in this drawing game is that you have a limited supply of ink, indicated by the blue bar at the top of the game's interface. As you draw, this ink is depleted. Once you have run out of ink, you cannot add more items to the stage unless you clear your drawings. Also keep in mind that while you have the mouse button down (or your pen down on your tablet) your ink level will steadily decrease. If you keep your cursor down in one position, you may waste all of your ink on drawing one dot!

There are three different kinds of powerups in Draw Bounce. The blue powerup lowers gravity, the purple powerup doubles the size of the ball, and the red powerup doubles the size of the goal. You do not always have to collect these powerups to complete a level, and in some cases it may be easier to avoid these powerups.

Draw Bounce is a fun drawing game that is great for a mild challenge. This drawing game isn't the most complicated or challenging ever created, but it is still fun, and can provide a small challenge for fans of the drawing game genre.