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Doodle Defender Instructions

Again, just like in most drawing games out there, you will use your mouse a lot in Doodle Defender. HOWEVER, Doodle Defender is NOT just a drawing game. It's also a shooting game and you need to use your keyboard to fend off those hordes of alien invaders. To take down those not so friendly visitors on earth, use your arrow keys to move and press the F or Space Bar button to fire away.

Doodle Defender Walkthrough

The pen is mightier than a sword... and it's mightier than an invading horde of aliens in Doodle Defender. No, you are not using a regular pen in this game. With this pen of yours, you will draw your space ship and use it to combat enemies. How should you draw your fighter ship? That's all up to you. If you are having a hard time drawing your space craft, there are 3 pre-made war ships and you can pick any of them. It's all up to you. Oh! By the way, here's a trivia - 9 out of 10 beta testers of this game drew dirty objects as their ships. Will you be the 10th?

Anyway, by fighting off invading aliens, you get to earn dough (yeah, they are in US dollars) and you can use it for different sorts of upgrades. You can grab another ship for $500 in case you destroy one (I highly recommend grabbing one or two of these early in the game). For the same amount, you can also upgrade your ship's speed for dodging those incoming enemies. For $800 USD, you can also increase the rate of fire... causing more havoc and devastation against your enemies. Now, if your finances are looking really solid, and if you have saved up to $25,000 USD, you can grab a burst fire upgrade instead. Now, if your earnings aren't that good, well, at least consider upgrading your shield for a thousand bucks or grabbing a canon for twice the amount. By the way, for the canon you need to draw it yourself. It can be a dirty object or whatever... it's your call.

While classified by many gaming sites as a drawing game, Doodle Defender is primarily, in my opinion, a shooting game. True, good drawing skills comes handy in designing that space ship before starting the game... BUT a good looking ship is by no means necessary. You can draw a chimp or you can draw a plain looking rock (if your doodling skills are that bad) and the game can still be played and enjoyed.

Nice game all in all. While not spectacular, it could come handy during those Sunday afternoons when boredom strikes.