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Doodle Blast Instructions

Want to play Doodle Blast? Yeah? No problem! All you have to do is make sure your mouse\'s left click button is working and you are good to go. Use it to draw lines where the balls will roll. Use it for clicking start, to go to another level, and everything else in between. Don\'t you just love drawing games? They\'re very uncomplicated as far as control schemes go. BUT don\'t make any mistake about it, drawing games are fun...especially if the name is Doodle Blast!

Doodle Blast Walkthrough

Coming with 15 different levels that are increasing in difficulty, Doodle Blast will surely keep you busy for long hours to come! So what\'s the premise in Doodle Blast? Actually, it\'s very straightforward and simple to understand: there are balls on top. Underneath that is a bar the holds them together. At the bottommost part of the screen, there is a glass. The objective is to get those balls into the glass by drawing lines for them to pass through.

Remember, your ink is limited so you better think before you start drawing! The last thing you want to happen is to start drawing these grandly connected lines only to realize that you don\'t have enough ink! Also, keep in mind that there are bars (or platforms...whatever you call them) that are suspended in mid air. You need to draw lines in a way that take advantage of these bars - allowing the balls to pass through them and land on the glass.

Once you are all set and you are done drawing, click the piece of cheese, which is located on the top right area to remove the bar that\'s holding the balls. And viola! They come rolling down - whether they land on the glass or not, it largely depends on the lines you have drawn.

It\'s easy to find Doodle Blast addictive. I had blasts of fun solving these 15 levels. The challenges you face one level after another will surely get your creative juices going. Sometimes, it seems that you need more ink than you are given. In some instances, you would wish you can shrink the balls - they just won\'t fit in the spaces between the suspended bars!

This is one of those drawing games that are fun enough to make you yell - either with joy or with disappointment. And here\'s MORE: there\'s a broken line in the glass. The balls that reach the glass should be higher than the broken line...or else you need to start over again. This is kind of a let down. Can\'t I just have a rubber to collect the ink back? After all, I\'m only a little off target with my lines! Believe me, it took me 5 tries to get past the first stage! And it made me laugh when I finally figured out what to do. Doodle Blasts will give you a lot of those A-Ha moments that are priceless.

Oh! One problem that I encounter over and over again: my ink is not enough to keep the balls rolling inthe right direction. This almost \'killed\' me. BUT I have found a workaround: instead of drawing solid lines, draw dashes. However, you need to make sure that there is enough space in between to keep the balls moving. Also, make one dash a little lower than the dash before it to maintain the momentum of the balls.

I have other tricks and tips under my sleeve for Doodle Blast - one of the most fun drawing games you could ever lay your hands on. BUT why should I spoil the fun for you? Give it a shot and experience the thrill!