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Crumbled 2 Instructions

Use either the WASD or arrow keys to move and jump with your mouse being the drawing tool. To draw straight lines, hold down the Q or E key, and draw beneath your paper ball to make him "climb".

Crumbled 2 Walkthrough

Crumbled 2 is a fantastic sequel and fun drawing game consisting of thirty levels and a boss battle. If you think you've got what it takes, this office-themed escapade will prove you wrong with pitfalls, traps, and puzzles.

To start, you can play through the two tutorial levels to get a general feel of the game, or you can delve right in on level one. There are a few things you have to keep in mind while playing, though, otherwise you'll be restarting levels left and right, over and over. First of all, always avoid pencil points - they'll make you restart a level if you land on them. Next, if there's an ominous gap in front of you with an eraser point, you can bounce your paper ball on the eraser point to breach the gap.

There are portals in almost every level, too, that will have your character jumping from point A to point B, so use them to progress when necessary. The gameplay of Crumbled 2, like the original game, Crumbled, is equal parts side-scrolling and drawing. There are areas where you'll need to be skillful with your arrow keys and areas where you'll have to be creative in the paths you draw - if you ever need to draw a perfectly straight line, just hold down either the Q or E key, not both, and when you draw with the left-mouse button the line will adhere straight.

Overall, Crumbled 2 is a fun platforming romp that will leave you begging for more - the drawing game elements it includes are fun to mess around with, so much so that you'll end up fooling around on some levels because it's so creative. All in all, Crumbled 2 is a great flash game that you'll want to restart right after you've completed the final boss battle.