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Connect:Time Instructions

Click the left-mouse button and drag your cursor as fast as you can across the screen to intersect every circle in front of you. Aim to complete all twenty levels as fast as you can in this drawing game.

Connect:Time Walkthrough

Connect: Time is more about speed than anything else - if you take your time, it's not a difficult game to complete at all; it's rather easy. But completing the game is only half the challenge - the real goal is to try and complete the game as fast as you can. Every level is random; no two are the same, but only barely alike. In each level, you'll simply just click on the left mouse button to start drawing a line, and drag it around the screen so it will collide and intersect with every on screen circle. Once a circle has been touched, it will either become highlighted, translucent, or no change will happen, and you'll move on to the next level automatically after all have been touched.

Or so you'd think - this drawing game will leave you hanging on some levels, since there are tiny circles inside of bigger circles that you'll have to touch, too. It's a good idea to press the restart button, located on the bottom right-hand portion of the screen, if you're stuck since it's a faster solution than dragging your cursor all over the screen.

Once you think you've gotten your best score, go ahead and try playing Connect: Time all over again. You'll see that you can get quicker and quicker the more you play, making for the interesting challenge of completing the game in the fastest possible time.

Connecting every circle in Connect: Time may seem like a boring premise, but if you play the game a few times, you'll see the allure and elusiveness of a highscore. Overall, Connect: Time is a highly original game that only takes a minute or two to play, depending on your speed, and is a great way to spend time if you're bored or just looking for something to do.