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Colour Bugs Instructions

Use your left mouse button to click and draw a circle around a bug - once it's in a bubble, you'll be able to put it in one of the glass jars in the right side of the screen. You'll gain combo points for bottling the same coloured bugs over and over. Use the 1-6 number keys to switch between colors, and bubble black bugs once to see what original color they are. Don't let your cursor touch a spider once you're drawing a circle or you'll lose a life.

Colour Bugs Walkthrough

Colour Bugs is a hectic, unique type of drawing game. You'll start out with four lives, and it's up to you to try and circle and bottle as many bugs as you can. To put a bug in a bubble, simply draw a circle around it - it doesn't have to be a huge circle, and it can really be any shape as long as it closes. If you're going for a big combo, draw a large circle so you can bubble multiple bugs, and then collect them into jars by dragging and dropping with your mouse.

As the levels go on, and they go on rather quickly, you'll be tasked with bugs of different colors and you'll have to avoid more spiders while drawing. To switch between colors quickly, use the 1-6 number keys as a hotkey menu between colors. Black bugs will appear on later levels, and you'll have to bubble them once before you see what color they really are - so you'll have to bubble them again before you can get rid of them.

It's better to try and keep up with all the on-screen bugs at once rather than going for a huge combo. If you think you're up to it, then go ahead, but keeping a good pace will land you a better score then going all out. Spiders will really become a problem in later levels, too, so try to avoid them whenever possible. As you score more and more points, you'll gain extra lives - every five-thousand points or so.

Colour Bugs is a fun drawing game that you'll like - and then it becomes chaotic and hectic. See if you can keep up with some of the later levels this game throws at you; there are 25 in total. And if you do want to score a huge combo, just draw a bigger circle.