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Clone Chaos Instructions

Clone Chaos is controlled by using the mouse. Click on a clone and drag to draw a path.

Clone Chaos Walkthrough

Clone Chaos is an addicting and colorful drawing game. This drawing game features simple controls, fitting music, and expansive gameplay.

The objective of Clone Chaos is to obtain as high of a score as you can before the game ends. There is no time limit, and the game will only end if two clones roll into each other. In order to score, you must guide clones into the proper hole based upon their color. Clones will continue to appear from the edges of the screen, and as you progress in his drawing game, the clones will get faster and faster!

When a clone is about to appear in Clone Chaos, a warning symbol will appear in the position that the clone will roll from. To guide a clone, simply click on it and draw a line for it to follow. You do not necessarily have to draw a direct path to the hole, and in order to prevent collisions, it may help to draw temporary paths. It does not matter how long it takes for you to get each clone into its hole in this drawing game, but you do want to avoid collisions!

As you progress in Clone Chaos, the rolling speed of clones as well as the frequency of spawning clones will increase, making the game more frantic. You will have to be quick in guiding the clones if you want to avoid collisions. Fast micromanagement is rewarded in this drawing game, as you will often find that quickly making short divergent paths will be necessary to keep the clones from colliding with each other.

Clone Chaos is a game that is easy to learn, but challenging to master. Once you master this drawing game though, you will become addicted. I was able to attain a score of 167; can you do better? Find out by playing Clone Chaos!