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CircleMaster2-Gravitation Instructions

Use your mouse to draw circles on the map, pulling your hero to the goal. The bigger the circle you draw, the stronger the pull; avoid obstacles as they'll take away a life. To gain an extra life, beat the master time on any level. Hit the R key to restart the level at any time, without taking a life.

CircleMaster2-Gravitation Walkthrough

CircleMaster2 - Gravitation is an interesting take on drawing games. In it, you'll only have to draw circles, but you'll have to do it at the right time, make sure they're the right size, and make sure that your hero doesn't touch any obstacles while heading towards the goal.

At the beginning of each level, you'll be able to see where your hero is placed, and where he needs to go. The goal is sometimes not directly across the starting point, though, and you'll have to draw more than just a few circles to guide your hero. If you want to pull your hero across the map, just draw a huge circle - or, if you want your hero to only turn a corner, you can draw a series of small circles that only pull just a little bit. Drawing well-shaped circles - circles that score 80 points or above - will become instantly permanent, while non-permanent circles can just be clicked on to disappear (they disappear over time, too).

There are 24 different levels to play in Circlemaster2 - Gravitation, and it's a big step up from the previous game. If you're having trouble and seem to be running out of lives, you can gain an extra life if you beat the master time on any level. While this is difficult to do, it's worth it when you're on later levels in the game, since they do take quite a few lives.

All in all, CircleMaster2 - Gravitation is a huge improvement over the original game, quite difficult, and a good challenge when it comes to the last levels. If you're looking for a fun drawing game to pass the time with, CircleMaster2 is what you want to be playing. Try beating every level as fast as you can to gain tons of extra lives, or play it safe and see how far you can get in this 24-level drawing game.