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Chopix Adventures Instructions

Use your mouse to draw a path for Chopix to skate on - the spacebar will start each level, and you can use it to jump while skating; the left and right arrow keys will let you slow down and accelerate. Hit every checkpoint in a level otherwise it won't count as completed - once you've completed a level, you can retry it or move on to the next; there's a total of ten levels in the game to play through.

Chopix Adventures Walkthrough

Chopix Adventures is a fun game that combines skating, aliens, and drawing. It somehow makes sense, and it's a game you'll enjoy. You'll start on the map - showing ten levels that you have to choose from. You'll have to be the first level to unlock the next, and so on and so on.

The first level is easy enough - you can just draw a straight path from start to finish, and you'll be able to clear it. Each level requires that you pick up every check point - even if you get to the finish flag, you'll have to start over if you don't, so yeah; it's important that you do. To help you out, you'll have a drawing menu at the top of the screen. You can select the pencil button to draw, selected by default, the erase button to get rid of what you don't like, and the trash button to completely start over on the current level. The start button will let Chopix ride his skateboard along the path you've drawn, and if he hits every checkpoint and makes it to the finish, you'll be able to move on.

There are special items you can pick up in each level, like speed boosts and jumps - these will help you with difficult paths you'll have to draw. All in all, the path you draw in each level will follow the check points more than anything else, so make sure you focus on those instead of the finish flag.

You don't have to exactly hit each checkpoint - as long as you're kind of close, you'll be fine, so don't worry about making everything too exact. Overall, Chopix Adventures is a fun game that takes a while to figure out - if you like drawing games; this is the one for you.